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Here you can find contributions in academic journals written by KEDIS members and associates:


Konstantina E. Botsiou, Who is to blame for the 1922 Asia Minor Disaster?, The Books' Journal 99 (June 2019), pp. 20-27

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Konstantina E. Botsiou, Constantinism in the National Schism, The Books' Journal 94 (January 2019), pp. 57-59

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Konstantina E. Botsiou, Changing Challenges in a Solid Alliance: Greece and the Western Partners in Past and Present, 1st Land Forces Conference Proceedings, Athens, Hellenic Army History Department, 2018 σελ. 139-152

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Konstantina E. Botsiou, The Greek Campaign in Asia Minor: From geopolitical triumph to strategic frustration, Ethnikes Epalxeis 126 (October-December 2018), pp. 13-16   The article in pdf
Anastasios Filntisis, From the threat from the North to the threat from the East: Greeces exit from the military branch of NATO and the revision of the national strategic doctrine, Strategikon (1), Fall 2017, pp. 95-116   The article in pdf