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International Conference: Greek Social Movements Between Past and Present

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International Conference
Greek Social Movements between past and present
5-6  April 2019
American College of Greece, ACG Institute of Global Affairs


This significant conference entitled Greek Social Movements between Past and Present was jointly organized at the American College of Greece in Athens on 5-6 April 2019 by KEDIS and four prominent institutions: Sheffield University, Exeter University, University of Oxford (SSESOX) and the Institute of Global Affairs of the American College of Greece. 25 distinguished academics and researchers contributed high-quality original papers about the phenomenon of social movements in Greece covering all political groups since the 1974 regime change (Metapolitefsi). A major point of convergence  was the duration and political character of Greek social movements. The conference promoted inter-disciplinary approaches between historians, sociologists, political scientists, psychologists and psychoanalysts.

All papers were submitted in advance in order to allow for ample discussion between speakers, commentators and the audience. These papers will be  channeled to a collective volume as well as academic journals.

Konstantina E. Botsiou Director of KEDIS, participated in the roundtable discussion entitled “Challenges of Studying Social Movements in Greece” which can be found here.